Jo Swinson’s Liberal Democrats Are The True Winners of Labour’s Conferece

Whilst the Liberal Democratic party’s conference in Brighton wrapped up several days before the beginning of Labour’s conference in the same seaside city, the Liberals continue to dominate events due to their simple and consistent message: ‘stop Brexit entirely and return to the pre-Brexits status quo’. In this sense, much like Nigel Farage’s Brexit party whose main goal is to deliver a clean break Brexit without delay, the Liberals are now one of two parties who can honestly say that they have a clear policy on Brexit that can be easily communicated in a single sentence.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the Labour party. Only two days into their autumn conference and there have been so many mental and rhetorical contortions over Brexit that one would be forgiven if one assumed that the Labour conference was some sort of strange Olympics for those incapable of speaking in a straight forward manner.

When all is said and done however, the entire thing is rather futile as Labour are a party that like the Liberal Democrats want to fully stop Brexit. The only difference is that whilst the Liberals are being honest about it, Labour are being incredibly laborious, lugubrious and duplicitous about it.

In this sense, if one’s main goal in life is to stop Brexit, the Liberals remain a better choice for the simple reason that they are being clearer about their agenda. But this is not where the Liberal advantage ends.

Late on Sunday, Labour resolved to abolish public schools (as well as all other privately operated schools) and to then seize the assets of such institutions on behalf of the state. Not only will this extreme view alienate much of middle England due its overtly communist nature, but more specifically, Labour is alienating the very demographic that it is trying to cultivate.

Having long given up on representing the English working class, Labour has become a party of “Islington values”. Call it cappuccino communism, champagne socialism or Groucho Club Marxists, Labour are now a party for well paid academics and media personalities who continue to live out student fantasies of a beard and sandals “revolution”. But this is not where Labour’s problems end.

Since the election of Jeremy Corbyn to the post of Labour leader in 2015, a more hardline leftist group of students, organic coffee dealers and big time identity politics “SJWs” have joined the ranks of the Groucho Club Marxists. These people have never seen the inside of a factory, shipyard, steel mill or coal mine in their lives. Instead, they imagine themselves to be cold water Che Guevaras. It is this faction that has pushed Labour in a direction where its official policy is now the seizing of private property on the model of hard-line communist regimes.

Apart from the fundamental problems, there is a tactical problem. The London elite never tire of proclaiming that the average Brexit voter is poorer and less formally educated than the average remain voter. Therefore, according to this logic, those who seek to remain in the European Union will be more likely to have attended a public school and likewise, a remain voter is more likely to be presently sending or to have sent their children to a public school, when contrasted with the average Brexit voter.

This leaves Labour in a poor polling position. Labour already had an uphill battle in trying to win votes in southern England from a Liberal party that is going out of its way to court economically comfortable and downright wealthy remainers. In promoting a policy which seeks to abolish public schools (and less grand privately owned schools as well) and seize their assets, Labour will be alienating a substantial portion of the wealthy pro-EU democratic in southern England.

When one realises that Labour’s pro-EU agenda is alienating many traditional working class Labour voters in the north of England, midlands and Wales and when one further realises that Scotland is essentially now a two-horse electoral race between the Liberals and SNP, Labour have effectively walled themselves off from multiple potential voters.

By advocating an anti-private property/anti-public school agenda which is far to the left of the traditional Labour working class whilst simultaneously advocating an anti-Brexit policy which completely alienates the majority of working class voters – Labour are becoming the party that in trying to be all things to all men, is in reality a party of little attraction to everyone in the land.

As soon as Labour confirmed its anti-school communistic crusade, it can be safely assumed that the champagne corks were hitting the ceiling at Liberal Democratic Party headquarters. Labour have swung to a hard left position on schools whilst adopting a dishonest position on Brexit. By contrast, the Liberals under Jo Swinson are essentially no different to David Cameron’s liberal party – a liberal party that was misleadingly called “Conservative”. Rich southerners will have taken note and they shall vote accordingly, as shall working class pro-Brexit voters in the rest of England and Wales.

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