Author: Adam Garrie

Erdogan Slams George Soros and European Currency Speculators While Encouraging Turks to Dump Dollars and Euros

During a major campaign speech in the eastern Anatolian city of Erzurum, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan lashed out at European and American currency speculators whose machinations have caused the Turkish Lira to sink to historic lows against the US Dollar. Erdogan correctly pointed out that he has prioritised internal investment and […]

Ireland’s Referendum Vote Shames Pollsters and Proves That “Populism” Isn’t Owned by Any Single Ideology

While the pollsters predicted a close vote in the Irish referendum to remove a constitutional amendment which effectively bans abortion, the camp opposed to the change has already conceded defeat, while early results indicate a landslide in favour of removing the 8th Amendment to the Irish Constitution with a majority […]

Rodrigo Duterte is The 21st Century’s Prime Example of Successful Non-Alignment in Pursuit of The Win-Win Model

The Philippines only joined the Non-Aligned Movement in 1993, thirty-two years after its inception and at the nadir of its geo-political relevance. Today however, both the concept of non-alignment and the Non-Aligned Movement itself, offer countries throughout the world the best opportunity to achieve the benefits of the “win-win” mentality […]

Turkey Embraces Russia’s Political Settlement as Ankara and Washington Are in a De-facto Stalemate in Northern Syria

The Turko-US schism in northern Syria  US State Department officials have met with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu to discuss Turkey’s concerns about US funded YPG/PKK activity in the northern Syrian city of Manbij. By now, Turkey has become accustomed to the fact that the US has been patently dishonest about […]

China’s Loan to Pakistan Paves the Way for Trade in Domestic Currencies in Big Blow to IMF

China has agreed to double its existing credit agreement with Pakistan from 10 billion to 20 billion Yuan in a move that will see fresh cash injections into Pakistan’s economy. This will not only help Pakistan to avoid another one-sided loan agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), but will […]