Author: Adam Garrie

Duterte vs. The Deep Church: A Battle of The Heart, Soul, Prosperity and Freedom of The Philippine Nation

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte campaigned on pledges to dramatically change the Philippine economy, to likewise historically change the way government is organised in the country (federalism), to fight and win the battle against narco-terrorism, to fight and win the battle against Takfiri terrorism, to bring peace to the Moro communities […]

Chinese Premier Li’s Visit to Europe is a Make or Break Moment For The EU’s Credentials on Free Trade

Trump fiddles while Europe’s political elite burn Tomorrow is D-Day for the US-China trade war as Donald Trump’s tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese imports will go into effect as will Chinese counter-tariffs targeting $34 billion worth of US imports. Meanwhile, the European Union has already retaliated against Washington’s […]

EU Parliament Rejects Draconian Copyright Proposals in Major Victory For Free Speech Activists

After campaigns from multiple free speech activists, hi-tech innovators and artists ranging from world-wide-web inventor Tim Berners-Lee to Paul McCartney of The Beatles, the Parliament of the European Union has rejected new copyright proposals and has sent the entire issue back to the drawing board will new and revised proposals will […]

Market Socialism With Islamic Revolutionary Characteristics: How to Save Today’s Iran From The Fate of The Shah

Parallels ignored at the peril of Iranian patriots  When looking at the present socio-economic conditions of Iran, one cannot help but recognise eerie parallels between 2018 and 1979. There runs a grave risk that some of the factors which initially led to the end of the Iranian monarchy in 1979 […]

Duterte Honours Anti-Colonial Hero Lapu-Lapu at a Time When His Critics Adopt The Colonial Mentality

At a time when Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte himself contrasted his style of government with the dangerous “colonial mentality”, it is  all the more important for The Philippines to embrace and cherish both recent and historic anti-colonial figures. Lapu-Lapu is recognised as the 16th century hero who was the first leader […]