Author: Adam Garrie

Malaysians Are Voting for The Most Important Election Since Independence

Today May, Malaysians will begin voting in one of the country’s most important and possibly most groundbreaking elections in history. Ever since gaining independence from Britain, Malaysia’s United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) has been the dominating party of government which in recent decades has been at the head of the larger Barisan […]

Iran Will Negotiate With China, Russia and EU to Preserve JCPOA – A Golden Opportunity for China Awaits

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has spoken minutes after Donald Trump’s decision to unilaterally withdraw from the JPCOA (aka Iran nuclear deal). Rouhani stated that it may be possible to preserve the JCPOA if forthcoming meetings with the foreign ministers of Europe, Russia and China are successful in preserving the deal […]

Trump Drops JCPOA – Now Russia Must Deescalate a Proxy War Against Iran in Syria While the EU Must Work to Preserve Deal Without US Involvement

Donald Trump has just announced US withdrawal from the JCPOA, the 2015 deal in which Iran offered full inspections of its nuclear energy production and research facilities in exchange for a relaxation of sanctions. In the years since, America has continued to level other forms of sanctions on Iran while […]

Kim Jong-un Holds Second Meeting With Xi Jinping Affirming China’s Central Role in the Peace Process and Mutual Frustrations with US

Days after North Korea rebuked American arrogance regarding the peace process in an official statement that was highly critical of the US taking credit for the rapidly advancing peace process, Kim Jong-un took a rare flight to the Chinese port city of Dalian for his second ever one-on-one meeting with […]

Armenian Protest Leader Nikol Pashinyan Voted Prime Minister by National Assembly – The Full Story

Pashinyan – the “people’s” oligarch One week after losing a bid to be elected Prime Minister by the Armenian National Assembly, the country’s unicameral legislature, today, a majority of Assembly members voted for Pashinyan to become Armenia’s new Prime Minister. Pashinyan was able to rely on votes from the ruling Republican […]