Author: Adam Garrie

Two-State Solution? How About A ‘No Nuke Solution’ – Why Peace is Impossible Without Tel Aviv’s Denuclearisation

With the exception of Syria, Iran and certain parties in Lebanon, Palestine and elsewhere, most of the world continues to favour the so-called ‘two-state solution’ as a means to settle the decades long “Israel-Palestine conflict”. While most states tend to favour a two-state solution, others continue to argue for a […]

Bill Gates Shows His Age – Totally Misunderstands Cryptocurrencies

During an online question and answer session, Microsoft founder Bill Gates revealed his ignorance as to the purpose and potential of cryptocurrencies. Aping the paranoia regarding market competition in montary markets that has recently been voiced by Goldman Sachs, Gates stated, “The main feature of crypto currencies is their anonymity. […]

Mainstream Media Use These Words and Phrases to Numb The Public and Silence Opposition

While mainstream media, whether state-owned or in the private sector (for-profit or otherwise) often tell outright lies in order to justify the foreign and domestic policy making decisions of the political elite to whom they are financially, socially or unconsciously beholden, often times they do not even have to go […]

Venezuela’s El Petro Cryptocurrency Could Revolutionise Not Just Monetary Markets, But Oil Markets

Pre-sales of Venezuela’s El Petro cryptocurrency continue to increase after the initial coin offering (ICO) pre-sale smashed anticipated figures. As Sputnik reports, “87,200 users in total have requested the purchase of el petro, out of which 3,520 were enterprises, while 83,760 were individuals. Some of those numerous requests were from Australia, Germany, Belarus, Brazil, Cuba, […]

Kurdish Terrorism: The One Issue Over Which The Islamic Resistance Rolls Over for “Israel”

News has broken this morning that Czech authorities have released the former leader of the Syrian based Kurdish terror group PYD, Saleh Muslim. Muslim was arrested by Interpol in Prague after Turkish journalists spotted the wanted terrorists in Europe, where he had been delivering speeches to anti-Turkish groups. Turkish government spokesman Bekir […]