Author: Adam Garrie

Imagine a Country With Such a Backward Constitution That Its Leaders Are Not Even Worth Overthrowing?

Political systems that resort to arbitrary rather than evidenced means of measuring success or failure tend to be predisposed to such high levels of failure that one begins to covet arbitrary restrictions on democracy in order to minimise the expected damage that various politicians will inflict on the nation. Nowhere […]

To Those Who Dislike Trump: Tell us Why?

Donald Trump has not made the United States less safe and he has not made the United States less wealthy. The fact is that under Trump there have not been any international terrorist incidents on US soil. Simultaneous to this, while the US economy has since 1971 been dangerously predicated […]

The Pakistani Government Has Capitulated to Terrorists by Refusing to Unleash The Army in Waziristan

Three Pakistani officers and one solider were martyred in a horrific terrorist attack in the Kharqamar region of North Waziristan. This comes not long after a Pakistani soldier in Boya, North Waziristan was martyred after a roadside IED was detonated in a brazen act of unambiguous terrorism. The specific group […]

The Developing World Shouldn’t Associate With The 1st World Underclass

One of the reasons that Singapore went from a post-colonial third world island to a socio-economic first world country was because under Lee Kuan Yew’s leadership, Singapore concentrated its development strategy on rapid economic growth, high quality education and investing the proceeds of FDI (foreign direct investment) into hard infrastructure. […]