Author: Adam Garrie

Since Europe Has no Free Speech Anyway, One Could at Least Pass an Electoral Law That Achieves a Positive Goal

Although many leading US politicians and Silicon Valley oligarchs appear to wish otherwise, the United States Constitution’s First Amendment guarantees near absolute free speech to all Americans. In Europe, where free speech has always had a dubious relationship with the powers that be from the Catholic Inquisition to the fascist […]

Understanding Indonesia’s Rejection of Anti-BRI Scare Tactics

Indonesia’s elections are over and incumbent President Joko Widodo has declared victory over opponent Prabowo Subianto. Throughout the election period, Subianto issued statements critical of Chinese investments in the country. Far from offering a realistic economic alternative, Subianto simply rallied his supporters towards an ultra-nationalist agenda that included elements of […]

The Real History of Xinjiang is One of Transformation From War and Foreign Aggression to Social Harmony and Peace

The area that is today known as China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has for centuries been a place of political instability, warfare and has infamously played host to multiple geopolitical rivalries for a strategically located area that effectively divides east and central Asia. Located at the axis of multiple historic and […]

Some Filipinos Are About to Literally Crucify Themselves But The 1987 Constitution Crucifies Filipinos Daily

Catholic Good Friday will see some Filipinos crucifying themselves in a blood soaked ceremony whose participants claim helps them to understand the suffering of their Lord. But while there are different views on the ceremony ranging from total condemnation to theological approval, there is a different kind of crucifixion that […]