Author: Adam Garrie

It Was Domestic Weakness That Led Turkey Into Syria–It Will Be Erdogan’s Strong Sense of Survival That Will Lead Turkey Out

Turkey’s President Erdogan is currently in the most complex position of any state leader involved in the Syrian conflict. By contrast, the position of all other players is far more straight forward. Syria wants the restoration of full government control over all parts of Syria, including the Zionist occupied Golan […]

Venezuela Announces Pre-Sale of Oil Backed Cryptocurrency–El Petro

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has announced that his country will begin an international pre-sale of its new cryptocurrency, El Petro, on the 20th of February. Unlike other cryptocurrencies already in circulation which are effectively digital fiat currencies, El Petro’s value will be directly backed by/pegged to Venezuela’s vast oil reserves. […]

Al-Qaeda/Nusra Propaganda Tries to Instigate War Between Turkey and Syria

The infamous Turkish military convoy heading south from Aleppo Governorate towards Idlib, has once again been the subject of online controversy. Pictures from terrorist social media outlets including Hayʼat Taḥrīr al-Shām (HTS) still commonly referred to as Al-Nusra front, the main Al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria, have shown tucks which formed part of […]