Author: Andrew Korybko

Russia Must Bring The “Asia-Africa Growth Corridor” To The Far East

Andrew Korybko had the honor to give a speech earlier today at the Duma during a roundtable discussion on the integrational prospects of the Russian Far East. Russia’s 21st-century grand strategy is to become the supreme “balancing” force in the Eurasian supercontinent, to which end it’s recently pioneered several non-traditional […]

“The Kraken” Killed The Liberal-Globalist “New World Order” At The UN

The so-called “New World Order” of American-led unipolar globalism is dead after “The Kraken” delivered a scathing attack against all aspects of the Liberal-Globalist system that America itself previously pioneered, which he’s proudly seeking to replace with a nationalist-oriented model of International Relations that cleverly attempts to co-opt multipolar processes […]

Shoigu’s Statement Might Not Be The Salvation For Syria That Some Think It Will Be

The Russian Defense Minister’s announcement of his country’s countermeasures to “Israeli” recklessness in Syria shouldn’t be celebrated right away as the country’s salvation from foreign conventional aggression because the situation isn’t as clear-cut as some will expectedly simplify it as.  Russia’s “Shield” In Syria  Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced […]

Here’s How The Latakia Tragedy – Nay, Conspiracy! – Might Have Played Out

Well-intentioned guesswork (a.k.a. “conspiracy theorizing”) argued on a rational basis could present a plausible explanation for a seemingly inexplicable event whose official narrative doesn’t seem to add up amidst an ever-increasing number of inconsistencies.  There are a plethora of theories about what happened on the fateful night of 17 September […]

The Day That Many “Non-Russian Pro-Russians” Turned On Russia Because Of Israel

Observing the frenzy of hateful attacks that were directed against Russia yesterday by some of those on social media who earlier claimed to be its “supporters”, it’s safe to say that many “Non-Russian Pro-Russians” never really cared for the country in and of itself but were misled by Alt-Media dogma […]