Author: Andrew Korybko

Pence Revs Up The US’ Infowar Provocations Against Myanmar

The American Vice President directly attempted to interfere in Myanmar’s domestic affairs by demanding that its political leaders reverse the court ruling that jailed two Reuters journalists to seven years behind bars for espionage, contributing to an escalation of US infowar hostility against the strategically positioned Southeast Asian state in […]

Alt-Media Silent As Israel Admits To 200+ Strikes In Syria

The typically outspoken Alt-Media Community, usually never short of people willing to condemn “Israel”, is remarkably silent after the Zionists broke several “politically correct” taboos by admitting that they struck Syria over 200 times in the past 18 months. “Israel” broke with its long-running tradition of neither confirming nor denying […]

Nicaragua Didn’t Overcome Its Hybrid War, It Made A Huge Concession To Stop It

There’s a popular narrative going around the Alt-Media Community that Nicaragua valiantly defeated the Hybrid War forces that were dispatched to overthrow the government, though the less “sexy” reality is that the government merely made a major political-military concession to the US in order to temporarily relieve the pressure being […]

The Hybrid War On Cameroon Aims To Destabilize The West-Central African CPEC

The multisided security crisis unfolding in Cameroon is intended to preemptively destabilize the West-Central African CPEC well in advance of its construction and might even catalyze another Migrant Crisis to Europe if the Hybrid War isn’t resolved soon enough. Cameroon is a country mostly known for its national football team […]

McCain Didn’t Die, He Was “Reincarnated” In India!

In what was either an eerie coincidence or a sign of something supernatural, a rabid right-wing Indian politician began loudly beating the drums of war against his county’s tiniest neighbors on the day that McCain discontinued his treatment for brain cancer, remarkably channeling the Senator’s rhetoric of militantly “spreading democracy” […]

Germany’s Request To Partner With The Three Seas Initiative Is A Win For Poland

The EU’s de-facto leader officially acknowledged an irreversible sub-bloc integrational reality by requesting to partner with the Polish-led “Three Seas Initiative”. Poland received an unprecedented boost to its rising international prestige after Germany requested to partner with the Warsaw-led “Three Seas Initiative” (TSI) ahead of the sub-regional integrational bloc’s upcoming […]