Author: Andrew Korybko

India’s WhatsApp Mob Lynchings Might Turn Its “Democracy” Into A Dystopia

The “world’s largest democracy” might descend even further into dystopia than it already is if the government exploits the recent spree of WhatsApp mob lynchings to censor social media, weaponize crowd control tactics, and then unleash millions of future militiamen against so-called “anti-national” groups. Indian “Democracy” Takes Off Its Mask […]

The West Only Believes Russian “Propaganda” Whenever It Praises Trump

The West’s double standards toward Russian media have been on full display this week after the hysteria over the Putin-Trump Summit in Helsinki. The Western Mainstream Media routinely characterizes Russian media as “propaganda” on the misleading basis that publicly financed media outlets and those that regularly have exclusive scoops from […]

It’s Official, Israel Is Now A Joint Russian-American Protectorate

Far from the seemingly “invincible” player that the Western Mainstream Media has propagandistically portrayed it as for years, “Israel” is actually so weak right now and extra vulnerable to Iranian-initiated destabilization operations that the New Cold War Great Power rivals of the US and Russia are putting their many differences […]