Author: Andrew Korybko

President Putin Is Syria’s Savior, But Don’t Go “Worshipping” Him!

President Putin’s decision to military involve his country in the anti-terrorist struggle in Syria saved the Arab Republic from its assured destruction irrespective of the criticisms that can be levelled against it throughout the course of this campaign, but sincere appreciation for the Russian leader’s decision (especially from foreigners) shouldn’t […]

Russia Is Already “Balancing” Iran In The Mideast

Russia’s predominant position in Syria & Iraqi Kurdistan places Moscow right in the middle of the misleadingly characterized “Shiite Crescent” and allows the Kremlin to “balance” Iranian influence in the Mideast better than any other country ever possibly could. It’s impossible to ignore the geopolitical reality that the “progressive” faction […]

Pashinyan’s Self-Imposed Blockade Is Economic Suicide For Armenia

“Opposition” leader Nikol Pashinyan’s call for a so-called “general strike” after parliament rejected his bid for Prime Minister has led to the self-imposed blockade of Armenia after “protesters” shut down the only highways connecting the landlocked country with the outside world, bringing this failing South Caucasian state closer to economic […]

The News That Russia Won’t Intervene In Armenia Is An Infowar In And Of Itself

Russia was never going to “intervene” in stopping the Armenian Color Revolution (or “people’s revolution” as its supporters at home and abroad are referring to it as), and manufacturing a news event out of this non-existent issue is useful only in furthering weaponized infowar narratives such as maintaining the so-called […]

What “Moral Obligation” Did Russia Have To Not Sell S-300s To Syria?

Lavrov’s remark about how Russia no longer has a “moral obligation” to refrain from selling its S-300 anti-air defense systems to Syria has caused serious confusion among the ranks of the Alt-Media Community who don’t quite understand what he meant.  The “Moral Obligation” The Alt-Media Community celebrated Russia’s announcement that […]