Author: Shubham Ghosh

Narendra Modi Comes Back Stronger: He is Now a Phenomenon That Requires More Than The Political to Beat

The writing was always on the wall. The Opposition had tried their best to make their supporters understand that the one-sided results predicted by the exit polls were something unreal. The idea was to send across the message that even the electronic voting machines were manipulated by the Narendra Modi […]

India General Election: Vandalism of a 19th Century Icon’s Statue Has Triggered a Culture War Between BJP & Mamata Banerjee

The marathon general election in India is approaching its end in a few days’ time. The seven-phase polling to cover 543 seats of the Parliament has become far too long to witness campaigning of the lowest quality. The political mud-slinging which has been taking place in the name of campaigning […]

India General Elections: At Halfway Mark, Narendra Modi Looks Strong; Final Result Will Depend on How UP Votes

The third phase of the ongoing national election in India is over, marking the completion of polling in half of the country’s 543-member strong Parliament. To form the next federal government, a party or alliance of parties requires 272 seats. In 2014, it was Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata […]

Narendra Modi Government Defeats No-confidence Motion: India’s Opposition Stands Little Chance

Friday 20 July was an important date for India’s democracy. The Narendra Modi government, after a day-long fight, finally defeated a no-confidence motion tabled against it by one of its former allies Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and supported by other parties, including the main Opposition – the Indian National Congress […]