Author: Rado Gatchalian

An Independent Filipino Mind

The true wealth of nations lies in the intelligence and collective wisdom of the people. This is a treasure where no amount of GDP can surpass. It exhibits the social and political maturity of the members of the society. It encompasses the required objectivity and rational mind of the citizens. […]

Stepping Stones

It’s a long journey And the hills are steep, Walking between the lines Are the West and the East: How shall we all commit to Peace? Everlasting and everyone to keep. Like poetry there is a rhythm Longing, falling, Pausing… One word for every footprint. Face the wall: What you […]

The Art of War

Be calm. Choose your inner strength as your weapon. Choose reason over emotion. Before you open your lips to anger Do not explode like an erring child. Choose to be wise: Think well, and victory is certain. The key: know your enemies And know your friends. Slowly walk towards the […]

RIZAL 101: Remembering The Man

Veneration without Understanding  Today’s generation could understand Rizal as an idea, a symbol, the epitome of national pride, excellence, and patriotism. But this idea could either prosper or die in vain. As we move to a sophisticated time characterised by advanced technology – everything changes. Every teaching is ultimately tested […]

Rado Gatchalian Interviews Adam Garrie About President Duterte and The Philippines – Part II

Editor’s note: The following is an interview conducted by Rado Gatchalian. Gatchalian is one of the lead initiators of various DDS global events, DU30 Correspondent for Australia Blogger and organiser of RaDU30 Advocacy and The FILOsopher. He asked Eurasia Future’s Adam Garrie the following questions about President Duterte and The Philippines. […]