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Why Are Global Elites More Concerned With Russian Olympians’ Alleged “Doping” Than The Real Drug Problem in The Philippines?

As expected, last night’s Academy Award ceremony in Hollywood came with notable political overtones. In the category for best full length documentary, one witnessed the surreal moment where an anti-Syrian film made with the help of the al-Qaeda affiliate White Helmets called Last Man In Aleppo went up against a film […]

Virtues and Vices of Media and Press Freedom – from The Philippines and Singapore to The US, South Asia and The Arab World

The settled 20th century consensus on different styles of media regulation has largely been challenged by the pervasiveness of online media which continues to shape national and trans-national dialogues in the 21st century. However, when tracing the development of media regulation in the 20th century, one can learn a great […]

Barry Goldwater: The Self-Styled “Extremist” Whose Politics Were Endlessly More Rational Than Anything In Today’s Washington

While once a political standard bearer for the conservative movement within the Republican party and a man whom conservatives in the US could set their watch to, former US Senator Barry Goldwater now reads like a political enigma, twenty years after his death in 1998. Goldwater rose to prominence as […]

Thailand Needs A “Sex Tourism Duterte” if Thai Leaders Are Serious About Combating Exploitation

The Tourism Authority of Thailand is looking to once and for all, end the country’s reputation among Europeans and other white majority nations as a so-called “sex-tourism” destination. While prostitution is illegal in Thailand, in practice, bordellos and street-walkers remain a common sight in areas with a high concentration of […]

Former Leader of Terrorist Group PYD/PKK Arrested in Czechia, in Reminder That Terrorism Cannot Be Selectively Condemned

Salih Muslim, a former leader of the Syrian based PYD, a sister organisation of the Turkey based PKK terrorist group has been arrested by Interpol in Prague. Muslim had been in Europe making speeches slandering Turkey’s anti-terror Operation Olive Branch before being spotted in the Czech capital by journalists from […]