Analysis and Policy

Without a New Political System Duterte’s Important Reforms Will Have Been For Nothing

Under the leadership of President Rodrigo Duterte, The Philippines has experienced an upturn in its economic fortunes with both Asian and western investors looking at the potential of a consistently growing ASEAN economy that is both ideally located as well as being home to a young widely English speaking population […]

The EU’s Cultural Sellout Should Make Self-Proclaimed “Europeanists” Turn Their Back on The Institution

When the two E♭ major tutti chords which introduce Beethoven’s 3rd symphony first rung out over Vienna in 1805, European music was forever changed. It was this piece of music which marked the beginning of an era in which the symphony would be the axis around which all public orchestral performances […]

Here Are The 3 Big Questions That Candidates in The Philippine Election Should Answer

In less than a month’s time, Filipinos will vote in Congressional/Senatorial elections whose process is needlessly complicated, lacking in transparency and that under the worst possible scenario will result in the perpetuation of a political system that is not fit for purpose in the 21st century. Some Filipinos still do […]

“Putinyahu’s Rusrael”

President Putin and “Israeli” Prime Minister Netanyahu are brothers-in-arms after the former helped the latter win his historic reelection with a last-minute photo-op stunt that ultimately proved pivotal to his victory, and with Russia and “Israel” now proceeding along the path of “two states, one nation” after their close and […]

The DPRK Focuses on Internal Development While Motoring The International Situation

Even prior to the commencing of the current peace process, Kim Jong-un has defined his leadership through a willingness to actively encourage internal economic reform. While from an outside perspective, Kim’s reforms may appear to be small in nature, his pursuit of early stage economic reforms offer an unambiguous view […]

India’s Infantile Election

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made an appeal to first time voters to cast a ballot for his BJP as a tribute to the Indian military personnel involved in a provocative action against Pakistan. For a country that enjoys promoting itself as the “world’s largest democracy”, such militant campaign […]

Online Censorship Can Teach Patriotic Filipinos About The Virtues of Foreign Direct Investment

One of the odd things that unites ultra-nationalists and supporters of unreconstructed communism (e.g. the NPA) is that neither side believes in open, transparent, free and fair markets. As such, both the far-right and the far-left are protectionists when it comes to goods, capital and services. While the political language […]