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The Russia-Korean Transport Corridor is A Matter of “When” Rather Than “If”

Officials from both Korean states have met at the Peace House in Panmunjom to discuss a trans-Korean rail link that would also link-up with Russia’s Trans-Siberian Railway to create a substantial transport corridor. Russian engineers have already begun preliminary construction of a modern highway linking Russia’s eastern regions to the border […]

British State Owned Media Censors Turkish Presidential Spokesman When Talking About Combating Terrorism

On the 25th of June, Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalın spoke to a UK based radio station run by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) where he discussed President Erdogan’s re-election and other topical matters. However, subsequent to the interview, Kalın revealed that his remarks on Turkey’s battle against FETO, Daesh and […]

This is How Erdogan’s Re-Election Will Effect Turkey’s International Partners And Rivals

The successful re-election of Turkish President Erdogan and the accompanying victory of his parliamentary People’s Alliance means that internally, Turkey will continue on a similar economic and social trajectory as it has been since Erdogan’s AK party rose to prominence in the early 2000s. But while the AK Party’s model […]

Football Diplomacy: Russian President Invites Abbas AND Netanyahu to World Cup Final in Moscow

News has broken that Russian President Vladimir Putin has invited both Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and “Israeli” leader Benjamin Netanyahu to the World Cup Final which will be held in Moscow on the 15th of July. While neither leader has confirmed attendance, the move is clearly one designed to informally initiate Russian […]