Analysis and Policy

The China-Arab States Cooperation Forum Offers The Arab World Hope During a Time of Crisis

The once united Arab world is more divided today than at anytime since the implementation of the Sykes-Picot agreement of 1916 whereby the French and British imperial governments decided to split the majority of the Arab world into spheres of influence to be shared by western Europe’s foremost colonial aggressors. […]

There is One Clear Way for The Philippines to Move Forward on Conflicting Constitutional Revision Proposals

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has been presented with recommendations from the Consultative Committee (CC) over proposals for much needed constitutional reform. Strangely, Congressional leaders are also now examining the proposals even though it was mandated that the President must have the first clear opportunity to present his revised proposals to […]

Israel Courts Eastern Europe While Iran Courts Western Europe as The Fate of The Iran Nuclear Deal Remains Uncertain

Europe is facing many internal challenges ranging from the leadership crisis in Germany which seems to have been temporarily averted, to the wider migrant crisis which continues to be a source of both social and political friction throughout the European Union – to the trade war with the United States, […]

Understanding The Challenges and Potential of Mexican President Elect AMLO

With the conclusion of Mexico’s presidential elections this past Sunday, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is poised to govern one of Latin America’s most populous and diverse countries with challenges unique to both its geographic proximity to the United States and historic relationship to the region’s turbulent political and economic history. […]

The US Claims to Have Made Progress During Latest DPRK Meeting – Pyongyang Says Atmosphere Was “Regrettable”

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has just concluded another round of high level talks with DPRK officials in Pyongyang. Pompeo who reportedly delivered a special present from Donald Trump to Kim Jong-un, a music CD of the Elton John song ‘Rocket Man’ has described the meetings in the following […]