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The Three Seas’ “Via Carpathia” Will Complete The Arctic-Mediterranean Corridor

The Polish-led “Three Seas Initiative” aims to streamline a North-South Corridor from Norway to Greece through the creation of the “Via Carpathia” trade route that would prospectively link with the “Baltic Ring” in order to connect the Arctic Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea. The southeastern Polish village of Jasionka hosted the […]

The Unspoken Geopolitical Overtones of Russia’s World Cup Victory Over Spain

Yesterday, Russia defied all expectations by defending against the football powerhouse that is Spain. After no team scored in extra time, the match went to a penalty shoot-out where Russia ultimately clenched victory, thereby forcing the exit of Spain from international football’s biggest tournament. But while the match is already […]

China Boosts Investment in Turkey At Record Rate as Ankara Continues to Embrace One Belt–One Road

While global economic multipolarity is not as simple as a sea-saw whereon the departure of one person’s economic weight is rapidly replaced by another’s – in the case of Turkey, something similar is in fact happening as China continues to boost investment throughout the Republic of Turkey, just as western […]