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Karlheinz Stockhausen: The Man Who Understood The Deepest Horror of 9/11, When Others Were Still Too Shocked To See

In late 2001, the renowned German composer, philosopher and spiritualist Karlheinz Stockhausen gave a long ranging interview about the nature of good and evil in the world. Clearly, such an interview could have barely been held in late 2001 without a mention of the 9/11 atrocity. Stockhausen took a characteristically omniscient […]

Kurdish Ties to “Israel” Force Western Leaders to Condemn Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch

French President Emmanuel Macron has cautioned Turkey against what he called an “invasion of Syria”. This is supremely ironic as France joined the US led coalition during the wholly illegal bombing campaigns against the Syrian Arab Republic.  While Turkey’s presence remains unwelcome by Syria and is consequently not strictly legal, […]

Damascus to Sochi: “Syria is The Beating Heart of Arabism”

Ghassan Qalla’a, the Chairman of the Damascus Chamber of Commerce has delivered an address to the opening session of the Syrian National Dialogue Congress, highlighting the patriotic stance of Syrians who have endured eight years of hardship due to Takfiri terrorism, foreign occupation and sectarianism. Qalla’a said, “Syria is the […]

The Olympics Has Already Been Won By Korean Politicians–Russia Must Make The 2018 World Cup A Humour Filled People’s Party

The banning of Russian athletes from the 2018 Winter Olympic Games has been a sad farce for the long discredited vision of the modern Olympic Games. Moreover the move is deeply unfair to the Russian athletes who devoted much of their young lives to this event. An Olympics that was […]

Pakistan and Turkey to Sign Free Trade Agreement–Iran Is The Only Missing Piece

Turkey and Pakistan are about to enter an intensive period of talks regarding a proposed bilateral free trade agreement (FTA) between the two states. Based on the enthusiasm displayed in Islamabad and Ankara for Beijing’s One Belt–One Road trading initiative, combined with the historic good will between the two countries, […]