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The Meaning of Easter Can Help Filipinos to Better Understand Duterte And His Political Resurrection of The Nation

Millions of Filipinos will have celebrated the Resurrection of Christ this Easter. Just as many millions more Roman Catholics and Protestants have done this week and Orthodox Christians will do next week, Easter is the most meaningful and powerful day in the Christian calendar. But once Easter is over, people […]

Egypt’s President Sisi Has No Trouble Winning “Elections” But He Must Work to Win Back Egypt’s Status as A Major Arab Power

Votes are currently being tallied in an Egyptian Presidential election whose foregone conclusion will make the incumbent Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s inevitable victory something of an anti-climax. His only opponent Moussa Mostafa Moussa was himself a Sisi supporter, thus making the election more of a referendum on Sisi’s rule than anything else. Throwing […]