Trump vs. The Academia-Industrial Complex And Pakistan’s Establishment: Two Societies Moving in Different Directions

Who governs?  Pakistan has a long history of open conflict between civilian governments and what is widely called The Establishment – the military. Today however, a peaceful democratic election signifying only the second ever peaceful transition of power in Pakistan’s history has signalled the early stages of a shift from […]

Turkey and ASEAN Are Intensifying Positive Ties at The Right Time And For The Right Reasons

Turkey’s ties with south east Asia can be traced to the year 1565 when the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman I sent an expedition to the Aceh Sultanate in present day Indonesia to protect the independent state from Portuguese subjugation. For centuries Ottoman Turkey protected Ache against attempted conquests by both the Portuguese […]

Free From Foreign Meddling, Cambodia Holds Election With Record Voter Participation

Cambodia has held parliamentary elections with a record 82.7% turnout. While the ruling Cambodian People’s Party’s long serving Prime Minister Hun Sen achieved a landslide victory, the largely expected result is in many ways less crucial than the atmosphere surrounding the election in which Cambodia clearly took charge of its internal affairs […]

Sympathy For The Devil: The Sadistic Roots of Duterte Derangement Syndrome

Members of the US Congress, European Union Parliament and multiple western funded human rights organisations have an easily understood motivation for promulgating an irrational hatred of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. Because Duterte pursues sovereignty minded and geopolitically independent policies regarding trade, investment, security and regional cooperation – he is disliked […]

Noynoy Aquino Goes Out of His Way to Misrepresent Duterte’s “Human Lives” Remark

During his recent State of The Nation Address (SONA), Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte issued a psychological ultimatum to his opponents who continually chastise him for frequently alleged but never proved violations of human rights protocols relating to Duterte’s war on narco-terrorism. Throwing down the gauntlet to his domestic and indeed […]

Donald Trump’s Most Difficult Negotiating Partner is Neither Kim, Rouhani, Putin, Nor XI

By now it has become clear that Donald Trump enjoys engaging with  a “difficult” negotiating partner and that furthermore he maintains a zero-sum mentality in thinking that it isn’t possible for both sides to be equally happen at the end of a successful negotiating sessions. That being said, his historic […]