Armenia’s “Opposition” Adopts Negotiating Tactic of the Takfiris Who Have Stalled Syria’s Geneva Process

The Geneva peace talks for Syria have becoming something of a running farce as every time the Takfiri extremists lose to the Syrian government on the battlefield, their representatives saunter into the negotiating room in Geneva with even more extreme demands and increasingly unrealistic preconditions. With fewer and fewer pockets […]

US Designs on Armenia Have Even More to Do With Washington’s Hatred of Iran Than its Hatred of Russia

Few self-described ‘domestic uprisings’ can be viewed in isolation. As the world becomes ever more inter-connected, there are almost always multiple geopolitical angles. Such is the case with the current unrest in Armenia that has seen self-described “opposition leader” Nikol Pashinyan mobilise protesters calling for the ouster of Serzh Sargsyan. Insofar as […]

When Chinese President Xi Meets Indian Premier Modi, All Eyes Will Be On a Man Who Isn’t There

On the 27th of April, Indian Premier Narendra Modi will travel to Wuhan for a meeting with President Xi Jinping. As mutual members of the BRICS and Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and with India sitting as an observer during Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meetings, Xi and Modi see a great deal of each other, in […]

The Balkans, Once a Battlefield Between Russia and Turkey is Now a Battle Field Between Turkey and the USA

Almost every Muslim majority state or region in the Balkans is now home to schools and so-called ‘charitable institutions’ associated with the Fethullah Terrorist Organisation (FETO). From Bosnia and Albania to parts of Macedonia (aka FYROM) and the Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija, FETO’s presence is  widely known and unlike some […]

US Mainstream Media Attacks North Korea For Supporting Palestine in a Disgusting Display of Nuclear Hypocrisy

While Donald Trump is busy giving himself credit for the efforts of Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in to reconcile the two Korean states in the hope of ending the Korean War/Fatherland Liberation War, Trump’s domestic opponents are busy saying that the man who threatened to “destroy” North Korea in front […]