US Based South African Comedian Provokes Anger in Pakistan With False Imran Khan/Trump Comparison

While comedy is the art of pushing boundaries which necessarily means provoking thought and causing offence, the South African born American based comedian Trevor Noah is not the traditional boundary pushing comedian in the tradition of George Carlin or Lenny Bruce. Instead, Noah is known for “politically correct humour” that […]

China and Russia Usher in a Libertarian Post-New World Order

From Cold War to New World Order  At the end of the Cold War, US President George H.W. Bush began speaking openly about his desire to create a “New World Order”. Shortly thereafter, Francis Fukuyama published his infamous book The End of History. The book presented a positive twist on a prototypical […]

Duterte Endorses Bongbong Marcos as His Successor Using Highly Parliamentary Language

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has become skilled at trolling his increasingly few but increasingly outspoken critics who congregate around the opposition Liberal Party. Duterte has made no secret of the fact that he believes the current Vice President (elected separately to the President) Leni Robredo is not up to the task […]