Russia, along with all of Asia, Africa and Latin America Stand Totally Vindicated in Skripal Debacle

The illogical case that London along with its occasional European partners and the United States advanced regarding the alleged poisoning of retired UK spy of Russian origin Sergey Spripal and his daughter, has always been literally unbelievable in the wider world. Now that scientists at the UK’s own chemical weapons […]

Putin: No Factors Could Negatively Influence Strong Russo-Turkish Relations (FULL VIDEO)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has held a press conference with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara after a long day of bilateral meetings. Tomorrow, Erdogan and Putin will be joined by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to discuss bringing peace to Syria in the Astana format. Speaking first, Erdogan stated that […]

Chinese Defence Minister in Russia Has a Message for the United States

The roots of the current historically positive relations between China and Russia are primarily positive rather than reactive nature. A healthy trade relationship, a generally similar outlook on global development, mutual security interests and the mutual desire to develop a wide range of economic and security partners throughout the shared […]