Letting Australia Into ASEAN Would Be Letting an American Wolf In Kangaroo’s Clothing Into A Sheep Pen

ASEAN leaders are considering whether to upgrade Australia to a full member of the block of The Association South East Asian Nations. Encouraged by Indonesian President Joko Widodo, the idea is to integrate Australia with countries that are already vital economic partners and in so doing, allowing Australia to pivot itself […]

US Lawmakers Just Gave The Penultimate Signal That They Don’t Respect Russia as a Sovereign State

For months, the US has been bullying its wayward NATO colleague and former ally Turkey, regarding Ankara’s intentions to purchase Russia’s S-400 missile defence system. Turkey has responded furiously to the threats of sanctions from Washington with Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu saying, “If it [the United States] wants to punish Turkey […]

The Only People Who Should Fear a Parliamentary Philippines Are Those Who Command No Support

Generally speaking, full-scale parliamentary systems are considered less powerful than those with a defined or de-facto strong presidential system. Countries like the US, Russia, China, France, Syria, Egypt, Zimbabwe and to a degree South Africa, have become known for strong and influential presidents. Parliamentary systems can produce a strong leader, […]