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Duterte Delivers Highest GDP Per Capita in Philippine History With One Hand Tied Behind His Back

The economic progress of The Philippines has rapidly accelerated under President Rodrigo Duterte, but even that achievement is only half of the story. Most of the economic woes faced by The Philippines in recent decades has been the direct result of an outdated Constitution which contains specific clauses forbidding modern […]

Trump Drops JCPOA – Now Russia Must Deescalate a Proxy War Against Iran in Syria While the EU Must Work to Preserve Deal Without US Involvement

Donald Trump has just announced US withdrawal from the JCPOA, the 2015 deal in which Iran offered full inspections of its nuclear energy production and research facilities in exchange for a relaxation of sanctions. In the years since, America has continued to level other forms of sanctions on Iran while […]

Two Dead and One Critically Injured As Gunshots Fired at Armenian Bank as Political Situation Remains Uncertain

For nearly a month Armenian politician and newspaper oligarch Nikol Pashinyan has led protests throughout the country demanding effective “regime change” aimed at making Pashinyan, the leader of a parliamentary minority party, the new Prime Minister of the country. After a vote in the National Assembly failed to elect Pashinyan Prime […]