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Popular Mobilisation Units of The Islamic Resistance Could Bring About The Downfall of The Syrian Arab Republic

With the exception of the United States which has mastered the art of becoming the airforce and strategic leader of non-state guerrilla/terrorist groups in Syria, the remaining parties to the conflict all stand united against non-state entities. Groups like Daesh, FSA and al-Qaeda are uniformly opposed by the states of Syria, […]

Iranian-American Women Harassed On Live TV For Defending Islamic Revolution

Hoda Katebi is a Chicago based Iranian-American fashion writer and entrepreneur who was recently interviewed by WGN, a long running television channel. During the interview which was supposed to be about Katebi’s theories and experiences in the fashion business, the news anchors turned hostile and begun attacking the Islamic Revolution, […]

Here’s The Real Reason Europe Doesn’t Want To Put Its Home Grown Daesh Members On Trial

The Syrian Arab Army and Iraqi Armed Forces have been making substantial gains against Takfiri terrorist groups, and with Daesh defeated in respect of being anything resembling a military unit, many of the European born terrorists who have illegally entered Syria and Iraq are now stuck in a legal no-man’s […]

China Must Never Apologise For Its Peaceful Outreach To The World – It Is Western Powers That Owe The World An Explanation

Chinese diplomat Fu Ying has written a piece in the German Times explaining that China’s outreach to the wider world has nothing to do with the European style imperialism that many have ignorantly claimed a prosperous and powerful China has adopted. Fu’s open letter attempts to counter frequent claims by the […]

Tillerson Leaves Turkey Empty Handed – Ankara Refuses To Compromise Against YPG/PKK Terrorism

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has given a press conference with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson after last night’s three hour meeting between Tillerson and President Erdogan, which lasted for over three hours. The US has clearly worked hard to prevent Turkey from formally downgrading relations and in this sense, […]

The US Military Bears Its Share of Responsibility For The Florida School Shooting

In 2010, Wikileaks published a leaked video taken from a US helicopter that showed a 2007 attack on unarmed journalists and their associates in eastern Baghdad. When civilians, including children came to offer the fallen journalists assistance, they too were murdered by the American servicemen in the Apache attack helicopter. […]