Global Policy

Iranian Official States That Iran Will Force The US Out of Syria, Proving Tehran Understands The True Threat To Syria

While many in “alt-media” are concerning themselves with an imaginary rift between Iran and Russia on the one hand, and Turkey on the other in respect of Ankara’s anti-Kurdish YPG Operation Olive Branch, the fact of the matter is that Russia, Iran and Turkey continue to cooperate in the Astana […]

Cryptocurrencies Are Caught In A Tug of War Between Russian Innovation and Modi’s Misery

This week has revealed how Russia and India have decided to take totally opposite approaches to the issue of normalising cryptocurrencies from the perspective of state authority. India’s move to ban the trading and mining of all cryptocurrencies continues to send shockwaves through the markets as Bitcoin plunged to just […]

India Set to Ban Cryptocurrencies: Where Geopolitics Meets Blockchain

Ever since Cryptocurrencies went from a small blip on the radar to a kind of financial sub-culture, governments and their central  banks have been asking themselves what to do about cryptocurrencies. Thus far, the consensus in Europe and North America is that the currencies are legal investments and legitimate means […]

Venezuela Announces Pre-Sale of Oil Backed Cryptocurrency–El Petro

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has announced that his country will begin an international pre-sale of its new cryptocurrency, El Petro, on the 20th of February. Unlike other cryptocurrencies already in circulation which are effectively digital fiat currencies, El Petro’s value will be directly backed by/pegged to Venezuela’s vast oil reserves. […]