Global Policy

It’s Prudent For Pakistan To Reallocate Military Funds To Socio-Economic Development

Pakistan made a very prudent move in reallocating military funds to socio-economic development projects in Balochistan and the recently merged tribal areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which represents the state’s proactive realization that non-kinetic steps must be taken in parallel with kinetic ones in order to ensure “Democratic Security” and doesn’t […]

On Eid, it is Wise to Remember That Duterte Has Done More For Muslims Than Any Previous Leader of The Philippines

It has been widely stated that in spite of not having African American heritage, Bill Clinton was America’s “first black president”. This expression tended to become a less common refrain after the 2008 election of Barack Obama, but prior to that time, Clinton was seen as someone who embraced African […]

Korybko To Iranian Media: “Defend Your Interests In The Mashriq But Pivot East!”

Andrew Koryko gave an interview to the Iranian newspaper “Kayhan” about the latest US-provoked tensions in the Gulf, with the main takeaway being that Iran must choose its battles in the Mashriq wisely in order to avoid being overwhelmed by the containment coalition that’s assembling to confront it, as well […]

Roscosmos Is Wrong, It’s Not “Unfair Competition” To Stop Buying Its Space Services

Roscosmos ridiculously said that it’s “unfair competition” for the US to stop buying its space services by 2023 because this sovereign decision “artificially restrict(s) the use of Russian launch vehicles on the international market”, which suggests not only a complete lack of understanding of basic economic relations, but is also […]