Global Policy

Why’s India Bragging About Allegedly Tracking A Chinese Submarine?

India is sending several messages by bragging about its alleged ability to track one of its “frenemy’s” submarines in the “Indian Ocean”, though the timing of this announcement might inadvertently raise further suspicions in Russia about its South Asian partner’s true long-term strategic intentions. Sputnik reported that Indian Navy Chief […]

Lessons For The Philippines: Britain’s Unpopular Prime Minister Insults The Parliamentary Tradition to Escape Failure

While Britain faces the prospect of a Brexit plan that remains deeply unpopular among both pro-EU and anti-EU British voters, one saving grace remains the fact that Britain’s unpopular Prime Minister Theresa May has to face the scrutiny of the Parliamentary House of Commons on a regular basis. Here, she […]

The Argentinian-Chinese Partnership Can Balance Trump’s “Fortress America”

Despite the post-Kirchner government’s many faults, one thing that it’s doing right is retaining the Argentinian-Chinese Strategic Partnership, which holds the best hope for Beijing to balance Trump’s “Fortress America” plans in the hemisphere. This week’s G20 Summit has drawn global attention to the host country of Argentina, a South […]