Global Policy

Tulsi Gabbard Continues to Court Extremists While Being Courted by Other Extremists

With all the brazenness of John Bolton revelling in unilateral hostility against Venezuela, US Congresswoman and Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard took to Twitter to announce that her guest of “honour” during yesterday’s State of The Union address, would be a ringleader of a dangerous terror organisation. WOW YPG/PYD/SDC representative Ilham […]

Turkey’s Latest Comments on Syria Prove That Regional Peace Processes Are Superior to International Ones

With a major US withdrawal from Syria expected sooner rather than later, the pre-existing trend of regional powers guiding, shaping and owning the peace process in the Arab Republic’s conflict is becoming all the more pronounced. The Astana Trio of Turkey, Russia and Iran have long been the major force […]

The Philippines is Among The Least Easy Places to do Business in ASEAN – The Liberal 1987 Constitution is to Blame

The World Bank has ranked every economy in the world based the ease of doing business. The range of factors considered when making the penultimate assessment can be read in detail here. The news for The Philippines in particular serves as a stark reminder of how the economy is being […]