Global Policy

Duterte Recounts How Chinese President Xi Jinping Promised That Beijing Will Not Allow The Philippine President to Fall to Traitors

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte told supporters and a group of scientists about to begin an expedition to the Philippine Rise (formerly Benham Rise) that Chinese President Xi Jinping has given him a personal assurance that Beijing will work to insure the stability and security of The Philippines. The Rise represnts one […]

President Putin Is Syria’s Savior, But Don’t Go “Worshipping” Him!

President Putin’s decision to military involve his country in the anti-terrorist struggle in Syria saved the Arab Republic from its assured destruction irrespective of the criticisms that can be levelled against it throughout the course of this campaign, but sincere appreciation for the Russian leader’s decision (especially from foreigners) shouldn’t […]

If The EU Actually Wants to Preserve the JCPOA Against US Wishes, European Leaders Must Learn From Turkey and Erdogan

When Donald Trump reached what for him was a forgone conclusion and withdrew the United States from the JCPOA (aka Iran nuclear deal), it was equally a foregone conclusion that China and Russia would both be willing to continue participation in a would-be post-US JCPOA and if not, China and […]