Liberalism (a poem)

They abolished shame after the war In the afterglow of our last moment of pride Content forevermore to never know That permissiveness requires no one to abide. They abolished the noose but not the murderer Council houses for every burglar An adulterer’s paradise were the chaste are mocked The floodgates […]

Stepping Stones

It’s a long journey And the hills are steep, Walking between the lines Are the West and the East: How shall we all commit to Peace? Everlasting and everyone to keep. Like poetry there is a rhythm Longing, falling, Pausing… One word for every footprint. Face the wall: What you […]

The Art of War

Be calm. Choose your inner strength as your weapon. Choose reason over emotion. Before you open your lips to anger Do not explode like an erring child. Choose to be wise: Think well, and victory is certain. The key: know your enemies And know your friends. Slowly walk towards the […]

When Rappler Lied

When Rappler decided to tell lies about me Was that a sign that the press was free? Did they celebrate when the punished the words That contained false allegations most absurd? Did they realise they were endangering my life At the hands of gangsters with poisons, guns and knives? Did […]

Ode to Rappler

In civilised societies People have the right to disagree And so it was in The Philippines When Rodrigo Duterte claimed his victory. But although his victory was fair and free The Yellows said “this just cannot be” Because a Liberal’s tolerance only applies To other Liberal girls and guys. But […]