Most Jihadist Terrorists Are on Drugs: Gaddafi Knew This in 2011 and Duterte Knows it Today

In 2011, when Libyan Revolutionary leader Muammar Gaddafi appeared before his nation saying that seditious elements and foreign agitators were on narcotics and thus deprived of their own cognitive abilities, he was laughed at by the western mainstream media who cheered on his subsequent assassination at the hands of al-Qaeda proxies […]

Poland Purged Its Foreign Ministry Of MGIMO Graduates To Stop A Russian Rapprochement

Polish graduates from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), the country’s most prestigious university and Sergei Lavrov’s alma mater, were purged from their Foreign Ministry after Warsaw preemptively took action to stop those diplomats from pioneering a rapprochement with Russia.   Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowitz announced that […]

Trump’s Taking Putin’s Earlier ICC Moves To A Qualitatively New Level

President Putin’s decision to remove Russia from the International Criminal Court in 2016 over its hyper-politicized reports about the country’s activities during the 2008 peace-enforcement operation against Georgia and 2014 reunification with Crimea inadvertently gave “normative legitimacy” to Trump leaving the organization too, though Moscow could never have expected that […]

Long Ruling Mainstream Parties Get Bloody Nose in Both Russian and Swedish Elections

The 9th of September saw regional elections throughout The Russian Federations as well as a general parliamentary election in Sweden. While Russia and Sweden have little in common in terms of the specific political landscape, both countries have experienced decades of de-facto single party rule. Throughout much of the 20th […]