Vucic Is Trying To Use “Reverse-Psychology” To “Legitimize” Selling Out Kosovo

Merkel doesn’t really care whether Kosovo is partitioned or not, but by framing his actions as going against the German Chancellor’s position, Vucic is employing “reverse-psychology” in a bid to exploit Serbs’ predisposition to opposing Berlin on principle, which he consequently hopes will shore up support for his unpopular plan […]

Donald Trump Has Gifted Angela Merkel Her Last New Lease of New Political Life

In spite of the fact that Germany’s economy remains a unique post-2008 European success story, Angela Merkel’s domestic reputation is likely permanently marred due to her mismanagement of the migrant crisis and the subsequent increase in a wide variety of political extremisms that were largely absent from both German states […]

Saudi Arabia’s Dispute With Canada Has a Great Deal to do With UK Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn

Saudi Arabia is showing no signs of backing down from its economic, diplomatic and cultural embargo against Canada. While Canada has severely breached diplomatic protocol when the country’s Foreign Minister took to Twitter to criticise Saudi Arabia’s internal judicial proceedings in what amounted to a vainglorious attempt to virtue signal […]