The CIA Could Have Killed Ivanovic To Pave The Way For Regime Change In Kosovo

America’s been putting pressure on its Balkan puppet “state” over the past year, and the possible false-flag assassination of a high-profile Serbian politician in Kosovo could have been staged to implicate the Autonomous Province’s “leadership”, thus paving the way for regime change there and consequently making the EU more amenable […]

Karlheinz Stockhausen: The Man Who Understood The Deepest Horror of 9/11, When Others Were Still Too Shocked To See

In late 2001, the renowned German composer, philosopher and spiritualist Karlheinz Stockhausen gave a long ranging interview about the nature of good and evil in the world. Clearly, such an interview could have barely been held in late 2001 without a mention of the 9/11 atrocity. Stockhausen took a characteristically omniscient […]

The DPRK Slams Human Rights Record of USA, a Day After Donald Trump Blasted Pyongyang During SOTU

The DPRK Institute of International Studies has released a white paper detailing the assessment that social scientists in Pyongyang have made regarding the state of human rights in the United States. The statement is being described as an official response to Donald Trumps’ State of the Union Address (SOTU) during […]

Kurdish Ties to “Israel” Force Western Leaders to Condemn Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch

French President Emmanuel Macron has cautioned Turkey against what he called an “invasion of Syria”. This is supremely ironic as France joined the US led coalition during the wholly illegal bombing campaigns against the Syrian Arab Republic.  While Turkey’s presence remains unwelcome by Syria and is consequently not strictly legal, […]

At Davos, China Offered Hope While Trump Scapegoated China for America’s Internal Decline

The World Economic Forum in Davos is increasingly becoming something of an old fashioned ‘boys club’, more intent on self-congratulatory statements than meaningful proposals and ideas which can move the world forward into the age of prosperity derived from respectful inter-connectivity. This may be one of the reasons why China’s […]