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Roger Waters and Donald Trump: One Doesn’t Like The Other But They Are Both Supporting Online Free Speech

Roger Waters has given an interview with Russia’s RT television after competing a sold out show in St. Petersburg. On his current tour, Waters dedicated the 1977 Pink Floyd song Pigs (Three different ones) to Trump complete with multiple quotes by the US President being projected on large screens throughout the area […]

Germany’s Request To Partner With The Three Seas Initiative Is A Win For Poland

The EU’s de-facto leader officially acknowledged an irreversible sub-bloc integrational reality by requesting to partner with the Polish-led “Three Seas Initiative”. Poland received an unprecedented boost to its rising international prestige after Germany requested to partner with the Warsaw-led “Three Seas Initiative” (TSI) ahead of the sub-regional integrational bloc’s upcoming […]

The Europeans Who Cried Sheep: Is EU Cooperation With China and Russia Just a Talking Point?

Donald Trump’s ability to to challenging long standing and in many cases mouldy shibboleths of the post-Cold War European political consensus is highly effective. It seems as though every time Trump threatens new tariffs on European imports, sanctions on European companies for dealing with Iran and requests for more money […]

Roger Waters Urges West to Remember Russia’s Mass Sacrifice Against Fascism on Eve of St. Petersburg Concert

Pink Floyd co-founder, principle composer and exclusive lyricist Roger Waters has never been one to shy away from the towering political, philosophical and ethical questions of the day. A long time opponent of fascism, aggressive war and inhumane social conditions across the world, Waters has for over a decade devoted […]

John McCain: A Life at War

America’s war in Vietnam   While American veterans of the Second World War are referred to domestically as “the greatest generation” and veterans of the war in Korea more grimly referred to as “the forgotten generation”, for the young Americans who fought in the disastrous war in Vietnam, there was no […]

An “Old Left – Libertarian Right” Free Speech Alliance is Emerging in the US and Europe

Donald Trump has recently spoken out on a number of occasions in favour of a Constitutionalist approach to free speech. Trump has been motivated to address the issue of free speech after a number of social media corporations censored both medium sized professional media outlets and individual activist-commentators for expressing […]