In Case You Missed it: This Video Explains Why The Philippines Desperately Needs a Federal-Parliamentary System

Orion Perez D has made a video explaining the ins and outs of parliamentary legislative systems throughout the world and why such a system would far better serve the interests of The Philippines than the more chaotic and needlessly complex US style Presidential/Congressional system that is currently in place. The […]

Donald Trump’s State of The Union: A Speech a Democrat Could Have Given 40 Years Ago

Donald Trump’s State of The Union has yet again hammered the point home that US President is a political moderate within the context of American party politics. For one, the commitment to fiscal prudence, monetary conservatism, low taxation, de-regulation, free markets and a generally pro-trade policy which has defined Trump’s […]

Would a Noynoy Aquino Impersonator Have Turned Heads in Hong Kong?

On Sunday, a Rodrigo Duterte impersonator known by the name¬†Cresencio Extreme along with the world’s most widely known Kim Jong-un impersonator, Howard X made a joint appearance at a Hong Kong church frequented by OFWs (overseas Filipino workers). Later, the impersonators walked through a crowded shopping mall together before sharing […]