This New Video Explains Why a Federal Parliamentary System is The Only Sound Choice For The Philippines

Orion Perez D has made a video explaining the ins and outs of parliamentary legislative systems throughout the world and why such a system would far better serve the interests of The Philippines than the more chaotic and needlessly complex US style Presidential/Congressional system that is currently in place. I […]

Debunking Fake News that North Koreans Weren’t Told About Results of Singapore Summit with Trump (FULL VIDEO)

Prior to Kim Jong-un’s history making summit in Singapore where he became the first DPRK Supreme Leader to meet a sitting US President, liberal western media organisations stated that the very existence of the summit was unknown to North Koreans. This was entirely false as preparations for the summit were […]

Chinese President Xi Jinping Officially Opens Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Summit in Qingdao (FULL VIDEO)

Chinese President Xi Jinping welcomed heads of state and government to the 18th Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation in Qingdao with a short speech that linked the Chinese past with the Chinese future and by extrapolation linked the winds of pan-Asian cooperation with a better future that is collective in spirit […]