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Iran “Blackmailing” Europe Plays Right Into Trump’s Hands

The Ayatollah’s listing of five counter-demands to the Europeans following Pompeo’s 12-point ultimatum to Iran plays right into Trump’s hands by making it seem like Tehran is “blackmailing” the US’ allies because it’s so desperate for Western investment, whereas the country should actually do away with those discredited “partners” and […]

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Some Russians Are Money Chasing Traitors – Get Over It!

The forever strange Sergey and Yulia Skripal saga has taken a new and increasingly absurd turn. Yulia who was allegedly poisoned alongside her father, an allegedly retired British spy of Russian origin in March of this year, gave an interview to Reuters that one could be forgiven for confusing with […]

Neocons Threaten to Deprive Trump of His Much Coveted “Photo-op of The Century” With Kim Jon-un

If there was ever a US politician who singularly encapsulates the essence of style guiding substance in its most unapologetic form, that man would be Donald Trump. Far from the carefully stage managed Obama years, Trump’s administration is less like the scripted affair of recent American leaders and more like […]

A Duterte Style Solution is The Only Way to Make America’s Latino and African-American Communities Feel Safe

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s national war on drugs and the crime which is a natural outgrowth of the drug culture is itself the outgrowth of Duterte’s hands-on anti-drug/anti-crime policies that were executed during his long tenure as the mayor of Davao city. From his first days as mayor in 1988, […]

India is Holding Back the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and BRICS

Yesterday, Chinese President Xi Jinping addressed the 13th meeting of Security Council Secretaries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) in Beijing. During the meeting, President Xi stressed the importance of enhanced cooperation between SCO members in the fight against the “three evil forces” of extremism, separatism and terrorism. As one […]

Pompeo Might Have Pulled The Plug On Armenian-Iranian Trade 

These two long-running civilizational allies might abruptly see their age-old economic relations disappear after Pompeo threatened to sanction anyone who defies the US’ unilaterally implemented punitive measures against the Islamic Republic, and the long-term geostrategic implications of this move could be as far reaching as provoking a more pronounced Chinese-Indian […]