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US Supreme Court’s “Gay Wedding Cake” Ruling May Have Accidentally Set Positive Precedent for BDS

The US Supreme Court has just ruled in favour of the owners of an American bakery who refused to bake a cake for customers celebrating a same-sex marriage. According to a majority of US Supreme Court Justices, forcing the owners of a business to bake the type of cake in […]

The “Manbij Model” Is Promising, But It’s Still Far From Perfect

The so-called “Manbij Model” that the US and Turkey agreed to in jointly administering the strategic city following the YPG’s withdrawal is promising but nevertheless imperfect because it fails to address the Kurdish-led “deep state” that controls the SDF’s political and military activities in northeastern Syria. The US and Turkey […]

Duterte’s Opponents Bring International Shame on The Philippines by Obsessing Over a Joke Kiss

2018 is undoubtedly an important year for The Philippines. President Rodrigo Duterte has helped to avoid war by striking a deal with China for the mutual exploitation and exploitation of resources in the South China Sea, all the while helping to secure win-win deals via Beijing, Tokyo, Moscow, Seoul and […]

The Nuances Of Qatar’s Interest In NATO

The announcement by Qatar’s Defense Minister that his tiny but strategically positioned country is considering membership in NATO shouldn’t be taken at face value but instead analyzed for its symbolism in the tense context of contemporary Gulf geopolitics. The Qatari Defense Minister surprised many observers by announcing that his tiny […]

China and Eurasian Economic Union Move Closer to Free Trade as the US Retreats Into Self-Defeating Protectionism

On the 17th of May, China and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) signed an agreement to expand trading relations with an aim to create a large and diverse free trading arrangement beginning in 2019. The EAEU is a single market consisting of Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus, while the bloc […]

While Duterte Fights Crime, the “International Community” Ignores America’s Racist Extrajudicial Killings

Many so-called “human rights” workers have criticised Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs while curiously they have said nothing of the fact that dangerous criminals whose drug of choice is Shabu, a dangerous methamphetamine, are behind a wave of violent crime ranging from mass murder, bodily mutilation, the taking of […]