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Nakba Day at 70: Palestinians Remain The Most Betrayed People on The Planet

Ethnic cleansing in a once peaceful place  The 15th of May is Nakba Day, a day to commemorate the literal catastrophe when over 700,000 Palestinians were either killed or violently displaced by armed European colonists intent on creating a new political entity on top of ancient Palestine. What began as […]

Turkey Recalls Washington and Tel Aviv Ambassadors as Erdogan Condemns “Genocide” of Palestinians

The Republic of Turkey has formally recalled the Ambassadors of the United States and “Israel” to Ankara over today’s regime instigated massacre of over 60 Palestinian protesters and the wounding of nearly 3,000, many of whom will likely die due to the severity of their wounds and a lack of […]

Explaining Trump’s Bombing Of Syria And Syria’s Response To “Israel”

Trump’s bombing of Syria last month and the Arab Republic’s robust response to ”Israeli” aggression last week are both attributable to their heightened threat assessments of these situations. People are still talking about why Trump decided to bomb Syria last month, and even more are wondering what was behind the […]

“Israel” Will Not Go To War With Syria Not Because of Russia, But Because of “Israel”

Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent trip to Russia to attend Victory Day has confused many within the alt-media community with some erroneously referring to Russia as a ‘traitor’ to Syria, and others claiming it was a stroke of strategic genius on the part of Putin. The first theory is absurd, because one […]

60+ Martyred Palestinians and Rising as Turkey and Iran Condemn Occupier Regime While Arab World is Silent

The 15th of May marks the 70th anniversary of Nakba, the catastrophe which saw over 700,000 Palestinians killed and displaced from their homes by European colonists. Beginning on Land Day, on the 30th of March, Palestinians began a continuous protest called the Great March of Return where thousands gathered in […]

President Putin Is Syria’s Savior, But Don’t Go “Worshipping” Him!

President Putin’s decision to military involve his country in the anti-terrorist struggle in Syria saved the Arab Republic from its assured destruction irrespective of the criticisms that can be levelled against it throughout the course of this campaign, but sincere appreciation for the Russian leader’s decision (especially from foreigners) shouldn’t […]

Iraq’s Disastrous Election Vindicates Syria’s Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party And Also Iraq’s Ousted Rival Ba’ath Party

Preliminary results in Iraq’s first general election since 2014 indicate that the country remains as confused and politically disorientated as it has been since the illegal US/UK invasion of 2003. At the moment, throughout much of the south and centre of the country, including in the capital Baghdad, a coalition […]

Russia Is Already “Balancing” Iran In The Mideast

Russia’s predominant position in Syria & Iraqi Kurdistan places Moscow right in the middle of the misleadingly characterized “Shiite Crescent” and allows the Kremlin to “balance” Iranian influence in the Mideast better than any other country ever possibly could. It’s impossible to ignore the geopolitical reality that the “progressive” faction […]