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Dodik’s Support Of Vucic’s Kosovo Partition Plan Is Self-Interested

The President of Bosnia’s Republika Srpska recently signaled his support for Vucic’s plan to partition Kosovo, but while he may try to clothe his arguments in pragmatism, Dodik is really only concerned with promoting his own interests. The name Milodrad Dodik is one that usually inspires a sense of pride […]

He Can’t Win It For Technical Reasons, But PM Abiy Deserves The Nobel Peace Prize

The Ethiopian premier can’t win this year’s Nobel Peace Prize for technical reasons, but he nevertheless deserves global recognition for his peacemaking successes. The Nobel Committee will award its eponymous Peace Prize on 5 October, and while Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy certainly deserves this more than anyone else, it’s impossible […]

Pakistan Could be at The Heart of a New Pan-Asian Trading Order

Pakistan currency faces a plethora of economic problems caused by decades of domestic mismanagement, a US led war on terror in which Pakistan’s supporting role has cost lives and money with not so much as a “thank you” paid back in kind and a global economic scenario wherein the currencies […]

Vucic Is Trying To Use “Reverse-Psychology” To “Legitimize” Selling Out Kosovo

Merkel doesn’t really care whether Kosovo is partitioned or not, but by framing his actions as going against the German Chancellor’s position, Vucic is employing “reverse-psychology” in a bid to exploit Serbs’ predisposition to opposing Berlin on principle, which he consequently hopes will shore up support for his unpopular plan […]

The Sooner Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un Meet – The Better

Recent days have seen US officials including the notoriously hawkish John Bolton state that the DPRK’s denuclearisation process is not progressing as rapidly as the US would like. In turn, DPRK officials have publicly complained that US officials are on the verge of betraying the spirit of trust and good […]

Andrew Korybko Interview – “CPEC: Security Implications and Suggested Strategies”

Hadiqa Mir, a student of M.Phil Peace and Conflict Studies at Pakistan’s National Defence University (NDU) in Islamabad, conducted the following written interview with Andrew Korybko as part of her research on the topic of “CPEC: Security Implications and Suggested Strategies”. HM: How do you see the regional and domestic […]