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US Sanctions May Force India Out of Iran’s Chabahar Port With China More Than Able to Fill This Gap

Iran’s Chabahar Port on the Gulf of Oman represents the crowning achievement of Indo-Iranian cooperation in recent decades. The port itself represents the centre of the wider North-South Transport Corridor (NSTC) which will link India to Russia and the wider north-western Eurasian space via Iran and Azerbaijan. While under Premier Narendra […]

Russiagate Enthusiast Adam Schiff Launches War of Words on Erdogan as US Policy Follows

Schiff shifts his hated from Russia and Putin to Turkey and Erdogan  American Congressman Adam Schiff of the Democratic Party is among the leading proponents of the so-called Russiagate conspiracy theory which claims that meddling from the Russian government played a role in manipulating the result of the 2016 US […]

The Peace Deal Proves That South Sudan Is A Failed Concept

The reported details of the forthcoming peace deal that’s expected to be signed shortly prove that the very concept of an independent South Sudan has failed. South Sudan defied all expectations and surprised the world by agreeing to a peace deal for its five-year-long civil war during international talks in […]

The Gloves Come Off: US Says Will Sanction Turkey if Ankara Buys S-400 Missile Defence Systems From Russia

The timing of today’s announcement that the US will sanction Turkey if it purchases Russia’s S-400 missile defence system, could not be clearer nor more significant. The US had hoped that CH Party candidate Muharrem İnce would unseat Erdogan during Sunday’s elections, but the US did not get what they wanted. […]

British State Owned Media Censors Turkish Presidential Spokesman When Talking About Combating Terrorism

On the 25th of June, Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalın spoke to a UK based radio station run by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) where he discussed President Erdogan’s re-election and other topical matters. However, subsequent to the interview, Kalın revealed that his remarks on Turkey’s battle against FETO, Daesh and […]