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When China Eliminates Poverty in 2020, Beijing Will Have Proved That the Developing World Doesn’t Need US “Aid”

Chinese President Xi Jinping has addressed the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) regarding his drive to eliminate remaining pockets of poverty in the country by the end of 2020. This is a key pillar in Xi’s goal to transform China into a “moderately prosperous society” at […]

Syrian President Assad Plans to Visit Kim Jong-un. The Timing of This Announcement is Crucial

Syria has long been the DPRK’s (North Korea) closest ally in the Arab world. Beginning in 1970, Syrian President Hafez Al-Assad developed a close relationship with DPRK founder and head of state Kim Il-sung as both leaders secured a close trans-regional partnership. The friendship continues to this day with recent […]

There is One Clear Aggressor in The South China Sea And it Isn’t China

Yesterday, US Defense Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis delivered a speech attempting to justify the ever more frequent US provocations against China in the South China Sea. He stated, “The US will continue to pursue a constructive, results-oriented relationship with China, cooperating when possible and competing vigorously where we must. China’s […]

The Main Goal of the New Italian Government Should be to End Sanctions on Russia and Open Europe to China

After Italian President Sergio Mattarella dramatically refused to endorse a new coalition government formed by the leftist/populist Five Star Movement and the right wing/populist Lega Nord over the appointment of anti-Eurozone prospective Finance Minsiter Paolo Savona, a possible constitutional crisis has been avoided. In the end, coalition leader and newly appointed Prime […]

Imagine if The Philippines Could Change Leaders as Spain Just Did? Parliamentary-Federalism Could Make it Happen

Spain’s Congress of Deputies, the country’s parliament, just removed a deeply corrupt and controversial leader Mariano Rajoy and quickly replaced him with former opposition leader Pedro Sánchez after the parliament overwhelmingly offered a vote of no confidence for the continued leadership of Rajoy. Such shifts in power from corrupt leaders to a […]

Nikki Haley: The Smirking Face of the American Dream and A Nightmare for The Real World

During the early 1970s, Henry Kissinger became emblematic of a US foreign policy establishment that was conniving, cunning and content with its own penchant for lawlessness. By the late 1970s, Zbigniew Brzezinski became the face of the next generation of the US establishment – a man who could easily provide the pseudo-intellectual […]