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Is Japanese Premier Proposing Kim Jong-un Summit to Distract From Domestic Scandals?

Long serving Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe is currently embroiled in a cronyism scandal involving selling government land to the Moritomo Gakuen school for a price discounted well below market value. Making matters worse, the Prime Minister’s wife Akie Abe was the honorary principal of the school who has subsequently resigned since the […]

Watch: Syrian President Visits Liberated Territories in Eastern Ghouta as Tide Turns Around Damascus

The once unassailable bulwark of Takfiri terrorism in occupied Eastern Ghouta has seen jihadist fortifications rapidly fall to an advancing Syrian Arab Army. In spite of direct and implied threats from the United States of a missile attack on or near Damascus, there is increasingly little jihadist activity for the […]

Russia Opts for Wisdom and Caution in 2018 Presidential Election

The results of the Russian Presidential election are in and the incumbent President Vladimir Putin has received  76.6% of all votes. This is not surprising as Putin has remained consistently popular during his term. His decisive foreign policy which has kept Russians safe while expanding Russia’s diplomatic influence abroad, combined […]

7 Areas Where The US is Provoking China

The United States cannot retard the progress that China is making towards taking its position as the undisputed number one economy in the world. The US also cannot directly interfere in China’s diplomatic progress as expressed both in its peace-making initiatives such as the recent one between Myanmar and Bangladesh […]

Letting Australia Into ASEAN Would Be Letting an American Wolf In Kangaroo’s Clothing Into A Sheep Pen

ASEAN leaders are considering whether to upgrade Australia to a full member of the block of The Association South East Asian Nations. Encouraged by Indonesian President Joko Widodo, the idea is to integrate Australia with countries that are already vital economic partners and in so doing, allowing Australia to pivot itself […]

All It Will Take is One Whistle Blower to Expose the Cracks in the Official Skripal Narrative

Those who are convinced that the guilty without evidence narrative regarding the Sergey Skripal affair will remain even somewhat believable to even the most gullible person, should remember that the English town of Salisbury is located far closer to the operational centres of many large English language media outlets than […]