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China Rewards Excellence by Shunning Artificial Restrictions on Leadership

The National People’s Congress of China, the highest legislative body in the country, has approved constitutional amendments which remove term limits for Chinese Presidents. The Presidency is generally a ceremonial post that since Deng Xiaoping’s retirement from official positions in the early 1990s has typically been attached to the more domestically […]

The Hybrid War Against Rodrigo Duterte

With the exception of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad who continues to face a multi-front war against militants backed by a variety of foreign nations, no world leader is currently under as many sustained, multi-layered hybrid attacks as Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. The following factions are currently at war with Duterte in […]

Pro-Kiev Russian Clown Candidate Rejected by Ukrainian Regime

Comical Russian Presidential candidate Ksenia Sobchak has taken to embarrassing Russia on the world’s stage as part of an extended publicity stunt to attain relevance to her otherwise languishing reality television career. Her most recent attempted caper was writing to officials of the Ukrainian regime, asking for permission to visit Russia’s […]

Mainstream Media Proves Its Own Incompetence by Misinterpreting Putin’s “Ukrainians, Tatars, Jews” Remark

The sensationalist press are predictably overreacting to a comment Russian President Vladimir Putin made during a recent interview with the US network NBC. During the interview, host Megyn Kelly asked the Russian President what he felt about the US indictment of 13 “Russians” regarding their internet activities surrounding the 2016 US […]

Everything You Need to Know About Free Trade vs. Protectionism in The Age of Xi and Trump

Among other things, Donald Trump’s Presidency has provided an opportunity for the US and the wider world to re-educate itself about fundamental principles of war and peace, trade, monetary policy and national identity. This is because, rather than simply try to manage existing trends, Trump has challenged the prevailing orthodoxy […]

Duterte’s Critics Are a Combination of Outdated Ideologues, Bigots And Wilfully Misinformed Useful Idiots of The Yellow Agenda

President Duterte’s approval ratings in The Philippines remain incredibly high, both by the standards of his contemporaries and by international standards. His continued popularity in his country, demonstrates that Filipinos know something that many overseas have not yet been able to grasp. As of December 2017, President Duterte had an […]