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The “Disembarkation Centers” Are A Distraction – The EU Can’t Enforce Anything

The news that the EU is considering setting up so-called “disembarkation centers” in nearby non-member states is a distraction meant to appease an angry public, though no plan has been released thus far pertaining to the enforcement measures that would need to be implemented in order to make them more […]

Kim Jong-un Meets Xi Jinping to Secure a Peaceful and Prosperous Future

DPRK Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un has embarked on his first foreign visit since successfully concluding last week’s Singapore Summit with US President Donald Trump. China’s vital role in the ongoing peace process can not be understated as Beijing continues to support international efforts towards the de-militarisation of the Korean peninsula […]

Leni Robredo’s Foreign Policy Ignorance Makes Her Unfit to Hold Office

One of the many peculiarities of the broken political system in The Philippines is that the office of Vice President (VP) is elected separately from the office of President. This allows for the kind of hostile relationship between President and VP that one currently sees where President Rodrigo Duterte is […]

The War Between America’s Military-Industrial Complex And Turkophobic Lobbies Pushes Ankara Into Russia’s Arms

A war between the military-industrial complex and increasingly radical ethno-confessional lobbies  Both the Pentagon and the equally powerful corporate wing of military-industrial complex remain insistent that the delivery of the F-35 fighter jets ordered by Turkey must commence as originally scheduled. While Turkey remains adamant that it will soon also […]

Does Trump Really Think That China Hasn’t Identified His “Negotiating” Pattern?

Donald Trump has just threatened to implement a new round of tariffs on Chinese goods as Beijing is making plans to implement a 25% tariff on a variety of US imports valued at $50 billion. China’s new tariffs are of course a mirror of those which Trump imposed on Chinese […]

Here’s Why Recep Tayyip Erdogan Will Win The Forthcoming Election

Turkey is about to hold its first Presidential election since the passage of a referendum which restructures national governance to transform Turkey into a strong Presidential system. Because of this and because of Turkey’s shift to increased geopolitical multipolarity, domestic economic growth and increasingly negative relations with the western powers […]

Will Duterte And Jesus Unite on Same-Sex Marriage in a Move Against Political Catholic Hegemony?

A political marriage made by pragmatism  Tomorrow, a lawyer called Jesus Falcis will present arguments before the Supreme Court of The Philippines, arguing that a law which defines marriage as a union between an adult male and adult female violates the 1987 Constitution which does not specifically address the issue of […]