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Is Greece About To Lay Legal Claim To Atatürk And His Legacy?

It’s absurd to consider the founding father of the modern-day Turkish state as anything other than a Turk, but if the Greek Parliament passes the recently concluded “name deal” with Macedonia, then Athens will legally be obliged to regard everything in Greek Macedonia – including Atatürk, who was born in […]

India To Put Retaliatory Tariffs on US Goods as Modi’s “America First” Policy Backfires On His Sinophobic Government

India has written to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) declaring its intention to put tariffs on a variety of American products that are traditionally popular in the south Asian country. The move comes after the Trump administration failed to grant India an exemption to the new US tariffs on imported […]

Russia’s Proposed Retirement Age Increase is Dead Wrong – What Russia Needs is a New Industrial Economic Model

The Russian government plans to implement a rise in the retirement age of workers from 60 to 65 for men and from 55 to 63 for women. These proposals are not only insulting and de-humanising to a population that has for centuries suffered at the hands of foreign war, but […]

Daesh Terrorists Freed by PKK Are Making Their Way to Europe as Many Westerners Remain Oblivious to The Blood-soaked History of The PKK

PKK/YPG terrorism – from a devious history to a devious present  The US backed YPG/PKK terrorists who make up the bulk of the American proxy force SDF in north-eastern Syria have struck yet another a deal with Daesh wherein hundreds of former captives from the world’s most notorious Takfiri terrorist […]

Daesh And The US Share a Goal of Disrupting The Kabul-Taliban Ceasefire And The Wider Afghan Reconciliation Process

A ceasefire declared between the Afghan government and Taliban on the eve of the Islamic celebration of Eid has been devastated by an attack on a meeting between Afghan Security Forces and Taliban representatives in Nangarhar province. Already over 20 have died in the terrorist attack. This represents a further attempt […]

Is South Africa Ceasing to be a Rainbow Nation? The Malaysian And Singaporean Examples Are nn Instructive Case Study

A rainbow nation or a sectarian nation? South Africa’s former Apartheid regime was not a sectarian nation but rather a systematic socio-political system which effectively led to the presence of several nations built up on top of one another in a hierarchical fashion, all within the confines of a single […]