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The Philippines Should Host the Kim Jong-un/Donald Trump Summit and Make Washington and Beijing Pay For It

At the moment, one of the biggest obstacles in finalising a peace summit between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump, is selecting a location that is considered politically neutral and geographically reasonable. This means that it will likely not be held on the Korean peninsula, nor on the soil of any […]

Robert Mugabe Gives First Statement Since Losing Power – Calls For “Disgrace” to be “Undone”

Robert Mugabe founded modern Zimbabwe in 1980 after a protracted struggle against the white minority regime of Ian Smith. Since then, Mugabe ruled Zimbabwe first as Prime Minister and later as a powerful President. This seemingly unassailable rule came to an end in November of 2017, after the Army took […]

The US Just Confirmed That Turkey is No Longer an Ally in The Most Meaningful Way Possible

When it comes to ascertaining what the US actually thinks of a country, judge not what the US says but what the US does. This is particularly true in respect of the US military. The Wall Street Journal was the first to report that the US is drastically cutting back operational […]

Why is The UN Talking About Evidence-Free Russian “Involvement” in Europe While Ignoring Kurdish Terrorism in Europe?

Throughout Europe, headlines have been dominated by the mysterious poisoning of a retired British spy of Russian origin Sergey Skripal who is currently hospitalised in England. The issue will now be brought before the UN Security Council by the UK government in a session which will shortly convene. But old spies mysteriously […]