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Is South Africa Ceasing to be a Rainbow Nation? The Malaysian And Singaporean Examples Are nn Instructive Case Study

A rainbow nation or a sectarian nation? South Africa’s former Apartheid regime was not a sectarian nation but rather a systematic socio-political system which effectively led to the presence of several nations built up on top of one another in a hierarchical fashion, all within the confines of a single […]

Has Japan Lost Its Last Excuse For Re-Militarisation?

Japan’s current constitution continues to force the prosperous nation to retain a pacifist military policy ever since the clause was forced on Tokyo by the United States in the aftermath of the Second World War and the devastation that Japanese troops caused to the Asian states it illegally occupied. When […]

The World Cup Has Political Dimensions, And They’re All To Russia’s Benefit

The act of playing and watching football should always remain apolitical, but it’s impossible not to notice the political dimensions of hosting the World Cup, all of which decisively play to Russia’s favor. It was a very prudent move for President Putin to work his hardest over the years in […]

As The Western Financial System Declares War on Turkey, Ankara Must Look to Shanghai

The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey has thus far managed to succeed in walking a fine line between hiking interest rates in order to stave off further inflation while managing to maintain an atmosphere of accessible capital which is necessary for Turkey’s rapidly growing economy. Turkey continues to follow […]

Kim And Trump Were Not Alone – Lee Kuan Yew Was Very Much Present Throughout The Singapore Summit

Singapore was chosen as the venue for the historic summit between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump for many practical reasons, including comparative proximity to the DPRK vis-a-vis the preferred European destinations of US peace conference organisers but also because Singapore could guarantee the safety of both leaders. Moreover, Singapore’s neutral […]

The Liberal Party Of The Philippines Finally Found Something They Dislike About America…Because Duterte Proposed It

The Liberal Party of The Philippines is well known to have indelible links with many so-called “deep state” bodies and individuals in Washington. A pervasive colonial mentality among Liberals continues to raise opposition against President Rodrigo Duterte’s multipolar foreign policy pivot, while in other areas many Liberals simply recite the […]

Liberal American Critics of The Kim-Trump Summit Are The New Far Right; CNN is The New John Birch Society

Prior to the late 1950s, mainstream conservatism in the United States (outside of the south) championed free enterprise domestically, was sceptical of the growth in government and was fiscally conservative. So far – so familiar to anyone whose stereotype of modern American conservatism was formed in the Reagan years. But […]