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Debunking Fake News that North Koreans Weren’t Told About Results of Singapore Summit with Trump (FULL VIDEO)

Prior to Kim Jong-un’s history making summit in Singapore where he became the first DPRK Supreme Leader to meet a sitting US President, liberal western media organisations stated that the very existence of the summit was unknown to North Koreans. This was entirely false as preparations for the summit were […]

Can North Korea Become a Place Where One Belt–One Road and US Investment Schemes Co-Exist?

The DPRK (North Korea) may be well on its way to metamorphosing from a country that most sovereign and private sector investors could not or would not touch, to one of the most sought after investment destinations in the world. North east Asia is already the world’s most dynamic economic […]

Duterte Threatens to Expose Catholic Church Corruption if Clergy Continue to Falsely Accuse Him

The political relationship between Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and the Roman Catholic Church is well known. Duterte does not like the Church’s unethical and nationally harmful political meddling nor did he like being the victim of abuse from clergymen as a child. While every individual, including clergy has the right […]

Macedonia’s About To Become The World’s First “Politically Correct” Police State

George Orwell’s dire warning about a “politically correct” police state is about to become a reality in the Republic of Macedonia if the country implements its recently signed agreement with Greece, as there are many provisions within that document which obligate Skopje to suppress its citizens’ freedom of speech under […]

Iran Owes It To Itself to Vocally Support Turkey’s Regional Battle Against PKK Terrorism

Turkey and Iran face a common PKK/PJAK enemy  Turkey’s anti-PKK operations have expanded into Iraq where Turkish anti-terrorism forces have been targeting PKK headquarters and outposts in the northern Iraqi town of Sinjar as well as in the Qandil Mountains near both the Turkish and Iranian border with Iraq. Turkey’s Foreign […]

New Amiri-Sadr Pact Attempts to Prevent Further Chaos in Iraq but Problems Persist in the War Torn Country

The two Iraqi political blocs who collectively won the most seats during the recent general election have announced a pact with the intention of forming a broad coalition government. The Saairun bloc of controversial Shi’a cleric Muqtada al-Sadr won 54 seats in the election while Hadi Al-Amiri’s Fatah alliance scored a close […]