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The UN Human Rights Commissioner Owes President Duterte a Full Apology

In 1970, Jordanian forces killed over 3,000 Palestinian refugees who had fled their homeland during the 1967 Arab–Israeli War. The Palestinian Liberation Organisation along with many thousands of refugees were then relocated to Lebanon after a mass expulsion. after a brutal suppression of their activities known as Black September. Today, the Hashemite […]

‘Tariffs Good – Voluntary BDS Movement Bad’: How America Turned Its Back on Freedom

In a truly free market, all individuals would have the right to sell anything, to anyone, anywhere and inversely, people would have the right to refuse a sale or transaction with no questions asked. Of course, no such system has ever been fully realised in the modern world and often […]

Your Guide to Dispelling Every Western Myth About China

From 1945 to the present day, the US and its close European allies have developed a geopolitical narrative which in the minds of its authors, offered a blueprint for international peace and prosperity. According to this narrative, confrontational multi-party democracy, a rejection of constitutional secularism, an internally de-regulated market, an […]

Kim Jong-un to Meet Donald Trump Before May of This Year

South Korea’s National Security Advisor Chung Eui-yong has read a short statement at the White House stating that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has made a commitment to denuclearisation. It was also stated that Kim Jong-un has extended a personal invitation to speak personally with Donald Trump and that Trump has […]

President Nasser’s Son Abdel Hakim Nasser Slams Arab Disunity Over Palestine and The Lebanese Resistance

Gamal Abdel Nasser was modern Egypt’s most successful leader having led the 1952 Egyptian Revolution against a corrupt monarchy before becoming President in 1956. Nasser’s nationalisation of the Suez Canal led to a joint “Israeli”, French and British invasion that same year, which ended in embarrassment for the colonial powers […]

Turkey Swaps Syrian Ambitions for an Iraqi Partnership as Operation Olive Branch Nears Completion

Turkish troops are just a few kilometres away from Afrin city centre and with little meaningful resistance, it appears as though Turkey will soon surround the city, thus representing a genuine ‘mission accomplished’ moment for Turkey vis-a-vis its aim of neutralising the YPG/PKK in the region. While President Erdogan has […]