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Europe is Worryingly Ignoring Its Racist and Violent Radical Kurdish Terrorist Problem

From jihadists crushing people under cars and trucks, to far-right groups threatening the lives of minorities, Europe is experiencing waves of social violence not seen since the heyday of the Baader-Meinhof Gang and Brigate Rosse. Anyone who abhors terrorism and violence should take notice of radical far-left Kurdish groups in Germany who […]

Spygate: If Inferential Guessing Games Are the New Normal, Let’s Talk About Ukraine

The latest scandal in the pan-western campaign against Russia is the illness of the former British spy of Russian origin, Sergey Skripal. It is said by the UK government that Skripal was poisoned by a nerve agent originally developed in the Soviet Union called Novichok. While the fact that Novichok was originally […]

Russians Have Allowed The West to Get Away With Negative Racist Stereotyping for Too Long

Western mainstream media continues to exploit the hospitalisation of a Russian man who spied for the UK intelligence services prior to being arrested by the Russian authorities in 2004. Since being released as part of a prisoner exchange in 2010, Sergey Skripal has lived in England and has seemingly led […]

South Korean National Security Adviser’s Visit to Moscow is Indicative of Russia’s Importance to Korean Peace

South Korea’s National Security Adviser Chung Eui-yong was the first to make the historic announcement that a sitting US President would meet with a North Korean head of state. He made his statement on the White House lawn after concluding meetings in Kim Jong-un and his colleagues in Pyongyang. Tomorrow, Chung Eui-yong […]

China Rewards Excellence by Shunning Artificial Restrictions on Leadership

The National People’s Congress of China, the highest legislative body in the country, has approved constitutional amendments which remove term limits for Chinese Presidents. The Presidency is generally a ceremonial post that since Deng Xiaoping’s retirement from official positions in the early 1990s has typically been attached to the more domestically […]

The Hybrid War Against Rodrigo Duterte

With the exception of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad who continues to face a multi-front war against militants backed by a variety of foreign nations, no world leader is currently under as many sustained, multi-layered hybrid attacks as Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. The following factions are currently at war with Duterte in […]