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Trump is Pushing The EU Into China’s Arms

The European Union exports a negligible amount of steel to the United States compared to the biggest importer of steel into the US, Canada. Likewise, China only accounts for 6% of the total US market for imported steel which is only sightly ahead of the leading EU exporter Germany which accounts […]

Remembering Dr. Liza: Graham Phillips’s Full Length Documentary Available in English

On 25 December, 2016, a Russian Defence Ministry Tu-154 crashed into the Black Sea near Sochi. The tragedy of this incident was made all the more haunting due to the fact that the ill fated passengers included almost every member of the famed Alexandrov Choir, often referred to as the […]

Russians in Europe: Suspicious in Life, Suspicious When Ill, Suspicious When Dead

With Russian Presidential elections just over a week away, a tabloid style story has broken, involving the illness of a Russian man living in England. The man who initially gained infamy for selling Russian state secrets to UK intelligence agencies has once again gained infamy, this time for being hospitalised. […]

Pentagon Admits Losing Control Over SDF in Northern Syria, Leaving The US Without A Reliable Proxy Force in The Region

The US has admitted being faced with large scale desertions of its SDF proxy force in north-eastern Syria and has had no choice but to admit to an “operational pause” in ground activities in regions east of the Euphrates. This is due to Kurdish fighters who had fought under the SDF […]

4 Things Rodrigo Duterte Did to Make The Philippines the World’s Top Investment Destination

A recent survey from US News and World Report tabulated the top countries to invest in in 2018. The survey relied on statistics from the World Bank in conjunction with criteria develop by Donald Trump’s alma-mater, the Wharton School of business, as well as Y&R’s BAV Group. The results demonstrate that South […]