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The Syrian Arab Republic and DPRK Look to Boost Historic Friendship

Syria has long been the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s closest ally in the Arab world. In 1974, Syrian President Hafez al-Assad paid a state visit to Pyongyang where he met with Kim Il-sung and exchanged views on a variety of issues relating to unity and cooperation among progressive governments […]

Kurdish Ties to “Israel” Force Western Leaders to Condemn Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch

French President Emmanuel Macron has cautioned Turkey against what he called an “invasion of Syria”. This is supremely ironic as France joined the US led coalition during the wholly illegal bombing campaigns against the Syrian Arab Republic.  While Turkey’s presence remains unwelcome by Syria and is consequently not strictly legal, […]

Trump’s State of The Union: A Little Less Poverty and A Lot More War

Donald Trump’s First State of The Union Address was entirely predictable. It was a variation of the same speech he has been giving for nearly a year, which combined rhetoric about how “unfair trade deals” are hurting the United States and how his personal responsibility for record high stock markets […]

Al-Qaeda/Nusra Propaganda Tries to Instigate War Between Turkey and Syria

The infamous Turkish military convoy heading south from Aleppo Governorate towards Idlib, has once again been the subject of online controversy. Pictures from terrorist social media outlets including Hayʼat Taḥrīr al-Shām (HTS) still commonly referred to as Al-Nusra front, the main Al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria, have shown tucks which formed part of […]

Southern Transitional Council (aka Southern Movement) Has Full Control of Aden

After over 48 hours of armed clashes with the security services of the government of Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, the Southern Transitional Council’s Southern Resistance fighters have proclaimed victory, saying that they now control the entire de-facto South Yemen capital of Aden, with the noted exception of the Presidential palace. Reports have […]

Damascus to Sochi: “Syria is The Beating Heart of Arabism”

Ghassan Qalla’a, the Chairman of the Damascus Chamber of Commerce has delivered an address to the opening session of the Syrian National Dialogue Congress, highlighting the patriotic stance of Syrians who have endured eight years of hardship due to Takfiri terrorism, foreign occupation and sectarianism. Qalla’a said, “Syria is the […]